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Quick Hits: Jared Crick


Name: Jared CrickPosition: Defensive EndSchool: NebraskaHometown: Cozad, NE

Did you spend the offseason on the side of a mountain? "No, I did not."

What did you do this offseason besides grow a beard? "That's pretty much the extent of it. Tried to stay in shape the best I could let the body rest and just did what I had to do to get prepared for this year."

Is there any story behind the facial hair? "It just turned out as laziness. I came to camp for the first few days, and the guys turned out to like it."

What do your teammates think of the beard? "They love it. They give me compliments every day. But I think it's just pure jealousy because they can't grow one like me. I can see some people being jealous but for the most part they compliment me on it."

Gotten any nicknames out of your new look? "I've been called 'Amish', 'Duck Dynasty.' You name it, they've done it. But it's all right."

Would you want to guest star on an episode of 'Duck Dynasty'?" I would, that'd be cool. They sit around, they don't really work hard. They just kind of shoot it. I mean, why not?"

Do you ever surprise yourself when you wake up and look in the mirror? "Not really. I've never grown a beard this long, but I've gotten used to it. A couple months with a beard, it's kind of hard to miss it."

Have you ever found anything in there? "No, nothing gross. I'm not a scrode or anything like that. Sometimes I'll drop a little powder in there or something like that, but nothing disgusting."

You've trimmed it recently. "I did. I had the whole thing going, long hair, too. But I figured camp was gonna be pretty hot so I had to do something to keep it a little cooler."

Do you have a beard inspiration? Any other bearded people that you look up to? "You know, with James (Harden) being in town, he's kind of the poster boy for people with beards. Ever since he came to town, I always thought it'd be cool to kind of mimic what he's doing. Obviously, this will never get as good as his, but one can hope."

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