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Quick Hits: Kareem Jackson


Name: Kareem JacksonPosition: CornerbackSchool: AlabamaHometown: Macon, GAGot any nicknames? "Yeah, out here they call me 'K-Jack.' I got a couple nicknames. Eddie P (Pleasant) calls me 'Uncle Reem', people call me 'Reemboi.' That's what I am on Twitter."

What moment stands out most in your mind over your career with the Texans? "It'd definitely have to be my first pick 6 last year (Week 4 vs. TEN). It was my first career pick 6 for a touchdown so that definitely stands out the most for me so far."

Talk to me about shoes. I heard you like them. "Oh my God, yes I do. I'm actually in the process now of expanding my closet for more shoes. It'll be my second time doing it, actually. I like everything; I like to be well-rounded as far as colors. I like to think of myself as one of those guys that most people might not like it but I can find some kind of way to make it look good. I won't go off the deep end like Russell Westbrook, but if I like it and the color combinations are nice, I like to think I can make anything stylish. I have everything from Nikes to LeBron's, of course Jordan's. I'm a big Christian Louboutin guy. Like I said, I'm well-rounded with the shoe."

Would you say you have the best shoes on the team? "If I don't have the best, I'm pretty close. I'm not sure what all these other guys have in their closets but pretty close. I know some of the guys like Andre and Johnathan have similar taste because we talk about shoes a lot."

What do you miss most about Georgia that Texas doesn't offer? "Definitely just have to be family. I don't really have any family here besides my girlfriend and her family now. My immediate family and everyone are back in Georgia. Other than that, Houston has everything else to offer."

Do you have a favorite Super Hero? "Favorite Super Hero… no, but I'm a big fan of Tom and Jerry. I'm not really a Super Hero guy but I got all the Tom and Jerry DVD collection."

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