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Quick Hits: Keshawn Martin

Second-year wide receiver Keshawn Martin answers questions in this "spice of life" Q&A.Your alma mater Michigan State is doing pretty well this year. Do you still follow the team? "Yeah, I follow. I look at every game they play. They're doing pretty good. I haven't been back yet, but I'm gonna try to get to one before the season ends. Hopefully the Big Ten Championship game if they make it. I talk to a lot of the guys. They call me sometimes."

Speaking of MSU, you had 17 career-touchdowns in five different ways (10 receptions; three rush; two punt returns; one pass; one kick return). You're a renaissance man. Do you ever warm up your arm just in case the Texans ask you to throw the ball? "Haha, a renaissance man. Well, I still work on my passes and throw at the ground a little bit, just in case. I like the trick plays and stuff. They're really fun. I'd like to do that kind of stuff if they wanted me to."

You scored your first touchdown of the season last Sunday and broke a franchise record for the most yardage on a punt return. Can you walk us through what happened on that play? "He punted it and it was kind of short, so I wasn't gonna catch it. Then it rolled to me and kind of took a high hop, hit me in my face mask and after that I just wanted to pick it up as quick as I can. I picked it up and I saw some lanes. The guys did a great job blocking, so I just took it and ran with it."

How long have you had dreadlocks? "I first got dreads my sophomore year in college. Previously, I had braids and other than that, just a regular haircut. A lot of people are different depending on how your hair is, but for me it took about two years for my hair to actually lock up. It's a commitment."

Did you see what happened with Jason Babin and Andre Ellington? Have you ever lost some dreads in the heat of battle? "No, that's never happened to me. I hope that it doesn't. That was terrible. It looked painful, but it probably wasn't that bad because sometimes your hair gets really thin and it's easy to break. I mean, I've lost a couple dreads in day-to-day life."

What sort of music do you listen to? "I like hip hop, rap, R&B. I like Lil Wayne, that's who I listen to most of the time. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy. I listen to Motown, being from Detroit, but it's not really on my iPod. I don't have a specific pregame song; I just randomly go through songs."

What do you do in your free time? "I like to go see movies, maybe grab something to eat or just chill. I like to relax, really. When you actually have time to do something, all you want to do is nothing. I like all types of movies. I don't know if I have a favorite, but anything that's not a horror movie. More comedy or thrilling, or action. Horror, I don't really do those. It's just too much sometimes."

Are you a fan of these Texas winters compared to Michigan? "I love them. It's not really cold, it's not really hot. I would ask for a little snow sometimes, though. At least for Christmas. I'd like a white Christmas. Other than that, it's pretty good."

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