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Houston Texans

Quick hits: Ryan Griffin


Name: Ryan GriffinPosition: Tight EndCollege: UCONNHometown: Londonderry, NHWhat has been your first impression of Texas since moving here? "It's really hot. People are really nice. It's a lot different from home, obviously, New Hampshire. But everybody's been really welcoming just in the streets and meeting people out. It's been enjoyable."

Do you have a pre-training camp morning ritual? "You know, because it's my first one in the NFL, the schedule's a little different. I've just been trying to get used to it. Once I get it down, it's not gonna change for the four weeks or whatever it is."

What do you put on your pizza? "Pepperoni. But the true measure of a good pizza is just the cheese. And I haven't found a good pizza around here yet."

Favorite delivery franchise? "Around here, Jimmy John's has been the only place that delivers to the hotel . So I'll just go with that."

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod? "Oh man… I like to listen to some folk music, if that's weird. I feel like it is. Like, Dylan. Bob Dylan. Some guys around here think it's weird."

Any nicknames? "Just Griff. And Griff Deli."

Where's Waldo? "Uh…In Houston?"

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