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Quick Hits: Swagg 101 with D.J. Swearinger


Safety D.J. Swearinger's Twitter handle is @JungleBoi_Swagg. The term 'swag' has been bandied about far more often over the past couple years, so I decided to get to the bottom of it all. And hopefully maximize my swagg (two G's) along the way.

D.J., I heard that your nickname is "Swagg" with two G's. I just want to do a little Swagg 101 so I can learn a little bit about swagg and get my swagg up. "All right."

Is "swagg" something you're born with, or can one acquire it over time?"Swagg is.. you sorta can get it over time depending on the people you hang around. But you gotta be born with a certain amount of swagg to develop swagg over time."

So there is some hope for me here? "Yes, there's some hope for you. But you gotta have some swagg juice in your body. You gotta have a swagg seed."

Ok, I might have some swagg juice. So, what does one with swagg typically wear? "It's really not what you wear, it's really your personality. To top your swagg off you gotta wear certain things, you gotta look good at certain times. You can't just be plain."

Would you say my shoes have swagg? "Oh yeah. Your shoelaces definitely have swagg. I'm digging the frames, too."

You like my shades? Awesome. What sort of music pumps up your swagg? "Rap. I like rap, hip-hop, r&b, things like that. Like Future. Currently right now I'm listening to the Migos, a little Snoop. I mix it up a lot, whoever's hot right now."

So I gotta stay up with the times. "Yeah, you can't just listen to one person, you gotta have a variety of people to pick and choose from."

That's good advice. Ok, who are your swagg idols? Who carries a lot of swagg with them? "Swagg idols… R.I.P to Sean Taylor. That's someone that always had swagg on the field. There's a lot of guys that have swagg, man, but I don't really look to no one for swagg. It comes from within."

So I'm gonna give you some names and you have to tell me if they have swagg or not. -Andre Johnson: "Most definitely.'

-Brian Cushing: "Yeah, he got some swagg. Yeah, Cush got swagg. But I haven't really seen a lot from Cush. He's got a little swagg. Minimal swagg."

-Ben Jones: "Ben Jones? Ah, see. No swagg. See, I would notice swagg. I was like 'Ben Jones?' I would know if you had it."

No love for Ben Jones. Matt Schaub? "Schauby got a little swag in him, yeah. He's got a little swag. But he got less swag, he got one 'G' though."

Just one 'G'. Ok, you have the double 'G'. What about Justin Bieber? "Justin Bieber… I don't really know Justin Bieber like that. I guess he got a little swagg. He got a little pull."

He says "swaggy" a lot in his songs. "But that don't mean he got swagg. A lot of people say they got swagg but they don't have it."

Oprah: "Oh, yeah. Most definitely."

Finally, Gary Kubiak: "Yeah, coach got swagg. Most definitely. Coach got a lot of swagg."

Thank you so much, I feel like I could learn a lot from this conversation about swagg. "All right, cool. Appreciate it."

"Swagg" count: 34

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