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Quick Hits: T.J. Yates


Name: T.J. YatesPosition: QuarterbackCollege: North CarolinaHometown: Marietta, GAThis is your third camp now, is each year any different from the last? "Yeah. My first camp was right out of the lockout so we got our playbooks like a week prior to camp. Heading into camp, my head was spinning and it was completely different as far as every moment that we had off of camp or meetings I was studying. Nowadays I don't have to do that."

What aspect of football did you miss most over the offseason? "Just being around the guys in the locker room. People don't really realize that when a lot of people leave the game of football, they miss the people they were there with everyday more than the actual game. You're with these guys in training camp almost 24 hours a day so you kind of grow some good bonds with everyone. A lot of friendship going on."

Best restaurant in Houston: "I'm gonna have to go with either Del Frisco's or Brenner's on the Bayou."

What TV shows did you watch growing up? "Saved by the Bell. I've seen every single episode of Saved by the Bell for sure."

Did you want to be Zach Morris? "Yes. Just for one reason: Kelly Kapowski."

Got any hidden talents? "Hidden talents… I'm not bad at juggling. I can juggle four things at once. For some reason, my brother liked juggling and then one year my mom – this is gonna sound weird – my mom got me a set of juggling balls for Christmas. And it just comes easy. Easy hand-eye coordination."

So you recently got engaged. Are you doing any of the wedding planning? "You know, I am doing some of the planning, or I was before camp started. We went back to Atlanta and started looking at venues, reception places, churches, bands, everything. I've been in on the planning, but she kind of just O.K.'s everything with me before she makes the final decision and swipes the credit card."

Who's the funniest guy in the locker room? "Antonio (Smith). Or Ben Jones. I'm gonna go Ben Jones."

What's a song you're embarrassed to admit is on your iPod? "'I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.' I have it on there. And I love it."

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