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Quotes: Friday practice


Head Coach Gary Kubiak**
(opening statement) "We're ruling Ryan Griffin and Elbert Mack out. (Shane) Lechler, (Joe) Mays, Kareem (Jackson) and (Mike) Mohamed will all be game-time decisions. That's where we're at coming out of practice today."

(on how to help QB Case Keenum with blitzes, particularly in the second half) "He's getting them in the first half, too. Just reps, playing that position in this league, you've just got to play a lot of football and see them. He's done a good job against some of them. He's struggled against some also. We try to help him as coaches too in some of the things we're doing. There's nothing like experience and just having to go in there week-in and week-out and see how somebody's playing you, and what you've got to do with the ball when they're doing that. He has, in my opinion, he has improved. He has made some mistakes, but he has improved in some areas from when he started through last week. Just got to keep going."

(on if he's good to coach on Sunday) "Yes, it's my understanding that I am. I think I'll get the OK today. I might be in the press box, but I think I'm good to go. We'll see."

(on if he's OK with being in the press box during the game) "If that's what they want me to do, I'll do it. Whatever I can do to get out there, to be a part of it. But I've had a good week. They've monitored throughout the course of the week and it's something they've talked about that they would like me to do. So I'm OK with that. That's fine."

(on the advantages of being upstairs during the game) "You don't hear everybody hollering at you, I guess, that's probably the advantage (joking). I don't know. I did that for 20-some years before I became a head coach. Actually, I was on the field initially in my career. It's calm up there. It's quiet. Just a different way of looking at the football game. Just to be back and be a part of it, that's what I'm concerned about."

(on if there any disadvantages of being in the press box during the game) "You don't feel emotion up there like you do when you're on the field. You've got to have guys help you with that, talk to you about stuff like that. But it's just something I've got to work through right now."

(on P Shane Lecher telling him he would play this week despite being sick) "Yeah, he's going home this morning. He was released from the hospital, on his way to the house. I don't even know if we'll ask him to come in tomorrow, but he'll be there. Heck, he knows what he's doing. He's talked to Joe (Marciano). I don't have any doubt that he'll be ready to play."

(on if he can do everything he wants to by coaching from the press box) "Well, I've just got to do it through somebody. If there's somebody I've got to talk to, I've got to get them, instead of face-to-face, get them on the headset, talk through a coach. I may send Rick (Dennison) down. I'm not quite sure exactly how I'm going to do it right now. That would be the biggest adjustment."

(on if Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips will have the red flag during the game) "Yeah. I'll be hollering at him to throw it or don't throw it, but he'll have it."

(on if P Shane Lechler has been better than what he thought he would be) "Oh, I think he's punted very well. He's pinned a lot of people this year inside the 10-yard line, inside that 20, however that stat comes off. I think he's done a good job. I think he's got a lot left in him. I really appreciate him being here. He's brought a positive influence to a bunch of young players. I know he's glad to be home. Tough for him to go through this like it is everybody else, but I think he's got a lot more left in him. Like I said, I appreciate what he's done."

(on if it's a challenge to keep guys still motivated the same way as in the beginning of the season) "No, the biggest challenge right now is we've got physical challenges, new faces and trying to get guys ready to play quickly and trying to rest some of these guys that have played every dang snap throughout the course of the year. That's probably more of a problem right now. Our guys are great. Our guys are focused. They work. They're all in to what they're doing. I'm not just saying that. Since I've been here, I've never had to battle that. We've got good people doing their job, working hard, trying to find a way to work through it."

(on how RB Ben Tate has been this week with his injury compared to the previous weeks) "I would say he pretty much did what he's been doing. I don't know exactly how his week went last week, but, to me, to watch him this week, I know he's ready to go. I know he's on top of his stuff. We don't hit him during the week. We don't do anything like that. We get him to Sunday.

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