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Ranking the 4 Texans jerseys, Experts sound off & more  | Daily Brew


Happy Tuesday to you.

Here in Houston, spring is here. Temps in the 80's, pollen in the air, the Rodeo's in full swing and Spring Break happens next week. 

Last week at the Combine, I got some fun opinions on the Texans from some of the national media types. Yesterday, they shared their thoughts on the "Next Step Forward" for Houston.

Speaking of good spots, John McClain had this recap of the year that was. 

Instagram and Facebook were down on Tuesday morning. Naturally, the Texans social media crew had a little fun with it.

The Texans are through with the uniforms they wore from the 2002 season through the playoff game this January in Baltimore. New ones are getting unveiled in April. So naturally, I ranked the four jerseys they wore in that span: Deep Steel Blue, Liberty White, Battle Red and Color Rush blue. And I didn't rank them in that order.

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