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What's the Texans next step forward? | The Experts

Last week at the Combine in Indianapolis, we chatted with a few national media folks who cover the NFL. The Texans hired Head Coach DeMeco Ryans in late January of 2023, drafted the Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the year in quarterback C.J. Stroud and defensive end Will Anderson, Jr., and then won 10 games, AFC South, and a playoff game. In today's installment of 'The Experts', the national media members answered the question: "What's the next step forward for the Houston Texans?"

Chris Rose, NFL Network: "Well, you've got the two most important pieces, right? You've got your head coach and you got your quarterback. They probably need a little bit more playmaking ability. It'll be interesting to see what they do with their wideout situation. The Tank Dell injury was a crusher. I love that kid. I thought he was great. Killed my son's fantasy season. Don't worry, we've moved on in the Rose household. You guys are looking up, man. It was such a quick turn, too, because we thought we'd be here going 'Okay, well what are the Cardinals going to do with two Top-7 picks or whatever?' Joke's on us."

Matt Miller, ESPN NFL Draft Analyst: "Get more playmakers. I love the foundation that's been built. What a great draft class last year. But continue to build around that young quarterback when you have him on that rookie contract. Get more weapons for him."

Mike Silver, Bestselling author and columnist for San Francisco Chronicle: "I don't think they have to stress about it. Just keep building it the way you are. Because when you have the quarterback, let alone a quarterback on the rookie deal, it's a huge advantage for a couple of years. So C.J. Stroud, that sells itself. You just surround him with as much as you can, keep building it, stay true to your system and let the young man work."

Andrew Siciliano, NFL Network: "Win two playoff games. I think they've tasted success, they have that young quarterback and they have that great young coach. They could just continue to build off that."

Jordan Reid, ESPN NFL Draft Analyst: "The first step was knocking it out of the park with C.J. Stroud last year. And Will Anderson, Jr. Two players that I was very high on last year. Getting both of those players in one draft is absolutely phenomenal. But now it's just building the pieces around both of those 'Faces of the Franchise' types of players. The great thing about having both of them on the roster is you're really in a situation at number 23 overall where you can take the best player available on the board."

Rhett Lewis, NFL Network: "Finding yourself competing for a Super Bowl again. There's no other way to look at it. As successful as you were in year one, there's no way the expectations are any lower. They're only going up. Get to an AFC Championship game and beyond.

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