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Replay feature added to Kangaroo TV


**Kangaroo TV**, featuring the NFL SUNDAY TICKET In-Stadium by DIRECTV, has been a popular item at Reliant Stadium this season. It now promises to be more popular than ever with the addition of a 30-second replay, a brand new feature that allows fans to take a second look at a controversial play or a spectacular catch from whatever game they are watching.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ In-Stadium already allows fans to watch any NFL game without leaving their seat at Reliant Stadium. You can spot a Kangaroo TV because the person holding it is generally surrounded by other fans peering over his or her shoulders - watching live broadcasts of other games, checking their fantasy statistics, or seeing the television broadcast of the home game.

Now, replays will be part of the package, as a button on the device will automatically rewind live video by 30 seconds.

Season subscribers of Kangaroo TV will need to receive a software upgrade to take advantage of the replay and other improvements. To receive the upgrade go to

If you don't have a Kangaroo TV and want to try it for Sunday's game, click here. Rent one for a game at just $24.95, or save by renting for the rest of the season. Kangaroo TV kiosks are located in Budweiser Plaza and behind sections 101, 120, 351, and 522.

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