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Robinson gives big gift to Texans YMCA


Tuesday morning in Houston's Third Ward, Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson donated $25,000 to the Texans YMCA Capital Fund.

The abundant gift came courtesy of a September misstep by Robinson, and he was happy that a mistake in the past turned into a gift for the future.

"I got fined early in the year, and this was a way to make that into a positive one by taking the fine money and doing something good with it," Robinson said. "It's going to change some lives. Putting $25,000 in here is going to open up a lot of opportunities for these kids, so it's a blessing."

Robinson mingled with a few dozen children at Cuney Homes, helping them with an arts-and-crafts project, talking about why he was donating the money and distributing Christmas presents to the underprivileged children. It was a rewarding morning for the veteran corner.

"I'm happy that I can come out here and give to these kids and give back to the community," Robinson said.

He also explained that, after talking with Texans owner Bob McNair, general manager Rick Smith and head coach Gary Kubiak, he decided to send the money to the Texans YMCA. Robinson thinks it will help a lot of children who are experiencing the same hurdles he overcame.

"I grew up with a lower income," Robinson said. "We didn't have the same opportunities, and it was hard. You just want to come in here and make it easier on people, and this was a no-brainer."

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