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Rookie Diary: TE Ryan Griffin, Entry #2


The Texans took Ryan Griffin, a tight end from the University of Connecticut, in the sixth round of the 2013 Draft. Griffin, a 23-year old originally from Londonderry, New Hampshire is third on the tight end depth chart behind Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham. Earlier this week, he shared with about a few things heading into Week 3 of the regular season.*

The speed of the game in comparison from college to the NFL definitely picks up a little bit. Not only just the physical speed of the game, but more of the mental speed of the game. Reading coverage and different things and protections.

Everything just picks up a little quicker, and it's something you got to get adjusted to. Every practice is full of lessons. I'm still learning. I'll do some things right, then there's some things I gotta clean up out there. It's the details. It's not like I'm doing everything perfect. I definitely still mess up sometimes. I just gotta get in here and get better every day.

It's great to be on a team that can pull it out like we did against San Diego and Tennessee. It was fun and the way we pulled it out, this team's got some guts. You can tell that this team's got some guts and you can tell they've been winning for a long time. I'm just happy to be a part of that.

My new car is great. It gets terrible gas mileage, but I'm having fun in it, and it's a good look for me, definitely. My new apartment is pre-furnished, luckily, because if not I'd be sitting on some boxes or something. It's all pretty furnished in there and I'm loving it, too. So life is good. I took my girlfriend and we checked out the zoo which is a mile away from my house over there. So that was fun. Saw some elephants and lions and stuff, so that was cool.

I've been to the Galleria a couple times already, obviously, had to check that out. It's all good in Houston.

Owen Daniels had his fundraiser at the Double Eagle. It was cool. OD extended an invitation and I had nothing else to do, so I went over. He does a great job over there and everybody loves him. We had a packed house and raised some good money for a good cause.

If I knew what I knew now, OD would easily be my favorite tight end coming out. He's just such a quiet guy. Before I got here, I didn't really know much about him but now that I've watched him play and see how he takes care of his business, he's real good. I'll say that much.

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