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Rookie Diary: TE Ryan Griffin, Entry #3


The Texans took Ryan Griffin, a tight end from the University of Connecticut, in the sixth round of the 2013 Draft. Griffin, a 23-year old originally from Londonderry, New Hampshire is third on the tight end depth chart behind Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham. Earlier this week, he shared with about a few things heading into Week 5 of the regular season.*

I'm taking advantage of my opportunities, and got a pretty good block in versus Seattle while I was on offense. I was running a cross pattern, and Arian Foster caught a pass in the flat. The guy saw me coming actually and turned his back to me. He didn't think that I had the angle on him but I got my head across and no flag which is always good.

In the first half, offensively, we had some good stuff going on. It went well for us. We got away from it in the second half a little bit, but hopefully I'm looking forward to something we can get back to. Pounding the ball and hitting them with the play-action pass the ball down the field. The three-tight end formations are my ticket on the field.

Special teams, too. I'm out there for every special teams unit there is: punt return and cover, kickoff return and cover, hands team, on side, all that. It's a fun part of the game. There's not as many assignments. Offense is all assignments football, but with special teams, you get out there and let your hair down, run around and make a play.

Man, I've never experienced any gameday environment like Reliant Stadium. This is hands down the best place to play a football game, watch a football game, I don't care. We won't sit down, there's too much stuff going on. It's not about the football game, everybody's cheering loud here. It's like a party.

I've already got people hitting me up for tickets to the Patriots game. I had to get in contact with the ticket people and let them know I need more than six tickets. I'm looking at more like 14 for now.

I was a Patriots fan, but not anymore, obviously. The thing is, as I grew up and as I played ball in college, you look past the teams and you look past what's on the helmet. You look beyond that. So I just became a fan of the game, really, instead of the Patriots.

My parents are waiting on the Pats game I think to come down. We're gonna do a Thanksgiving thing. My dad's waiting for the opportunity to get down here. My dad's a home inspector, runs his own company. My mom runs the office so they work together.

There's a reason I'm not on Twitter or Facebook. I just took a look at myself and said there's really no need for all this. All the friends that really care about me, I talk to them on my phone. Twitter and Facebook it's just too easy to make a mistake or say something stupid. If you really want to hear my opinion, come up and talk to me. You don't have to follow me. I was spending too much time on that stuff. And I feel great without it. It's like 'Why don't you have one?' You're wasting your time on all that and I'm living life.

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