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Rookie Diary: TE Ryan Griffin, Entry #4


The Texans took Ryan Griffin![](/team/roster/ryan-griffin/c25b1964-ffbf-424b-b3a8-7fc4684b2cec/ "Ryan Griffin")internal-link-placeholder-1], a tight end from the University of Connecticut, in the sixth round of the 2013 Draft. Griffin, a 23-year old originally from Londonderry, New Hampshire is now second on the tight end depth chart behind <a class=Garrett Graham![" title="Garrett Graham" />!. Earlier this week, he shared with about a few things heading into the bye week.*

Since Owen Daniels went on injured reserve, when we want to run the ball, when we want two tight ends in there I'm basically starting. I've gotten some snaps. That's good. I've gotten some experience. Obviously, there are things I've got to do better so I'm just looking to work on those things.

I caught my first pass versus Saint Louis. That was cool. OD grabbed the ball for me. Just a class act from that guy which is pretty cool. It came in a tough spot, we were down by three scores at that point but we were just trying to get the ball forward. It's a cool thing I can say, caught my first ball against the Rams. But other than that it was a tough loss.

My dad actually came out for the game and took it back to New Hampshire. So, it's back there in a case somewhere. I'm sure he's got it all locked away. The first ball I caught in college is somewhere in the attic. My dad has all that memorabilia stuff. I never look at it or touch it but he's got it somewhere up there.

Against the Chiefs, it was loud. But when you're out there and you can't hear anything, you're not measuring 'oh this is loud.' I'll tell you one thing, you can't hear one thing out there. It's almost like West Virginia from that standpoint. Especially me getting my first NFL experience really on the road in a tough situation like that. It was a good experience.

It's just one of those games where one team needs to make a play to win the game and unfortunately we didn't do that. But it's good to be competitive and we've just got to work to finish. We need to win.

I'm so proud of Case Keenum. After being on practice squad last year and playing scout team for us and playing different sides of the ball. For him to come out in that environment and really thrive like he did, make some plays. He didn't do everything perfect but no one did. He showed he's got some guts and he showed he can play in this league. He can start in this league.

For the bye week break we get, I'm actually heading to Dallas. One of my teammates moved out there from UCONN so I'm gonna pay him a visit and have some fun hopefully. Corey Manning, he was a good tight end for us in college. We had three tight ends that played a lot. He's one of my better friends so I'm looking forward to seeing him. He's a lawyer of some kind so he's doing the regular man job, getting after it. But it'll be fun to see his face.

We'll probably go to Country Fest. I'm not a real big country music fan but I figured, while in Texas. Went over to Cavender's yesterday and picked up a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and all that good stuff so it should be fun.

Once the season is over, I'm definitely ready for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, too. Ready to taste the cuisine for sure.  I'm a rap guy. Some old school Nas, old school Outkast. A little dubstep, getting back into it. Just a bunch of different stuff, some folk.


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