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Rookie Diary: TE Ryan Griffin, Entry #5


The Texans selected Ryan Griffin, a tight end from the University of Connecticut in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Griiffin, a 23-year old originally from Londonderry, New Hampshire is the backup tight end to Garrett Graham. Earlier this week, he shared with about his recent experiences.*

I scored my first touchdown a couple weeks ago at Arizona. It's kind of crazy how it worked. We were talking about it last week and it happened. As a kid growing up just watching football, it's always been a goal of mine to score a touchdown in the NFL. It came true for me, and I'm pretty excited.

We actually had a different play called and then someone called a timeout, I don't know if it was us or the Cardinals. We changed it up and hit them with the cross there, got open, Case Keenum found me. I'm pretty happy about it. That happened in the first half.

On the second half kickoff, though, I got a concussion. I remember getting in the huddle ready to go down the field. Next thing I remember I was waking up form a dream almost. I gotta know that guy's coming for me. You gotta learn quick.

I had to go through the NFL concussion protocol after that. The tests involve identifying a whole bunch of shapes and different numbers, what order they were in. It's good to know they're looking out for us, absolutely. If I wasn't 100% they would know easily considering all the tests I've been through. I'm getting annoyed with them, but it's for the best. I can't complain. I had one in high school but it wasn't anything like this.

I feel great, 100% and ready to get back to it.

As far as the losing streak, I've never been involved in anything like this. We keep finding a way to lose, it feels like. We just got to find that energy and come out in the second half and put a game away. Everyone needs a win around here.

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