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Ryans talks to fans from Hawaii


After practicing before a packed Aloha Stadium at the Pro Bowl's Ohana Day Festival, DeMeco Ryans stopped to answer some fan questions on Texans TV. The transcript is below.

1) James Fritz (Kingwood, TX): How many of your teammates deserve a bid for the Pro Bowl next year?

DeMeco Ryans: I think going off this past year, Mario (Williams), Andre (Johnson) and myself are guys that should have made the Pro Bowl. So I definitely feel like those guys will be here next year.

2) Jason Duplechin (Houston, TX): How excited are you for next season, especially since most of your teammates will be healthy?

DeMeco Ryans: That's going to be the biggest thing for us is getting our guys back and having them healthy. It makes for a much better season next year. I'm ready to get that season started and I'm ready to kick it off.

3) Matt Houston (Washington, DC): You are one of my favorite players. Are you thinking about that Pro Bowl MVP trophy?

DeMeco Ryans: It's an offensive game, so if I can pull it of it will be really special. They make it really tough for defensive players to get the MVP (trophy).

{QUOTE}4) Doug Lacy (Clear Lake, TX): Who are looking forward to meeting here at the Pro Bowl?

DeMeco Ryans: I was looking forward to meeting every player that was in the Pro Bowl because it is an honor to be around such great athletes and the best players in the NFL. It's just an honor to meet all the guys.

5) Jimmy Rios (Houston, TX): What was your reaction when you found out you made the Pro Bowl?

DeMeco Ryans: I was excited, of course. To finally get that Pro Bowl selection – from my first year not making it to finally being here – I was definitely excited about that.

6) Jimmy Rios (Houston, TX): How are you feeling health-wise going into next season?

DeMeco Ryans: I'm feeling great. I'm feeling good going into next year. The knee is fine. The ankle is good. I just needed a little time off. I got that and I'm ready to roll.

7) Jimmy Rios (Houston, TX): What is your favorite thing about Hawaii?

DeMeco Ryans: My favorite thing about Hawaii is the weather. You have to love the weather here in Hawaii. Just to actually see the beach, it is a beautiful place to visit.

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