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Schedule release chatter and wishes | Daily Brew


In one week, the NFL Schedule for 2024 will be released.

We already know who and where the Texans will play this fall, but we only lack the dates and times. That should come next week.

Our pal John Harris--who does team analysis as well radio for the club--did a MOCK schedule for Houston in 2024, and has some interesting predictions when it comes to the prime time games.

Longtime NFL Columnist and Pro Football Hall of Famer John McClain has a wish list for the Texans in prime time, and he shared it here.

Harris and I did our weekly "Texans In the Lab" podcast this morning, and we wrestled with some "Over/Unders". Please give it a listen below.

Jonathan Alexander of the Houston Chronicle weighed in on the idea of J.J. Watt coming out of retirement to play for Houston this season.

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