Sleep Out to End Homelessness

With the holidays around the corner, Houstonians alike are reminded to be thankful for the life we get to live.

President of the Houston Texans, Jamey Rootes felt the utmost connection to that very sentiment and decided this year, he would join forces with the Covenant House - along with over 100 Houston executives - to participate in the SLEEP OUT campaign.

"For me, the Covenant House has a special place because my son is 17," said Jamey Rootes, honorary chairman for the 2018 Covenant House Texas Sleep Out: Executive Edition. "He's almost in that age when those kids are experiencing homelessness, they are experiencing desperation, and the Covenant House is there for them."

The SLEEP OUT campaign represents one night where thousands of participants give up the comfort and security of their homes to spend the night outside with the hopes that we reach a day where no youth will ever have to again.

"We want to shine a bright spotlight on this because it's a place that doesn't get a lot of attention, but if we can save these kids from a life of homelessness, they can become productive members of our society," Rootes said.

The Covenant House has raised over $36 million since 2011 and is planning to continue the tradition to reverse and ultimately stop youth homelessness.

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