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Houston Texans

Smith talks about Adibi


Defensive coordinator Richard Smith spoke to the media after the Texans selected Virginia Tech linebacker Xavier Adibi with the 118th overall pick.

Defensive coordinator Richard Smith

(opening statements) "We are really excited about this pick. He's a really productive linebacker and has really good athletic ability. We like his foot quickness and his change direction. He has made quite a few plays from on the ball he's got really long arms (34 inches) which is impressive. When we interviewed him at the combine we found out that he is an intelligent football player he tested out well. Those are the guys we look at. We look at him coming in and competing in the linebacker position also we expect him to contribute right away on the special teams. We are really pleased with this pick."

(on mentioning to Duane Brown about picking his former teammate from college) "No in fact when we were debating on what happens early in the draft you start to review who are the top guys that are left what do we do or where do we go? All of a sudden one of the coaches said this guy is from the same hometown as Duane. That's a good sign to see two guys from the same hometown which means they fly on the same plane to and from Houston."

(on what position of Xavier Adibi will play) "He's basically an outside linebacker. We can see him play the left or ride side position which we'll get that going once he gets here. Right now he's an outside linebacker so we are very pleased with is athleticism, his production, and his whole make up about him. We think he's got a chance of being a very good football player and right away we see him competing on special teams."

(on Adibi's pass rush ability) "When you go back and look at his background when he was in high school he was a defensive lineman I think also he was a running back too. I believe he had 13 sacks in his career in high school. I think he had eight interceptions and quite few sacks in his college career. This guy is an athlete his forty time at the combine was 4.7 at his school workout he ran a 4.58. He's a good size kid who runs well for us in the 4.6 range and we are pleased to have him."

(on the possibility of Adibi getting over shadowed in the draft) "No, not at all. As a matter of fact we were really excited about him. We had some really good grades on him. Everybody looks at different things at different positions. He has natural hip explosion and very good body control and balance. We like what we saw when we interviewed him down in Indianapolis."

(on having a crowded linebacking corps) "We are not crowded. Right now we don't have very many numbers at that position. Before the draft we only had six linebackers you suppose to have nine when you go into camp. I think it's exciting to add something new at that position. We have Demeco Ryans and Zac Diles from last year and now we are going to add another athlete in Xavier in that role as a young guy that has very good athletic ability, but got size."

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