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Stroud Talk, Titans Part II | Daily Brew


Watching C.J. Stroud at the podium on Thursday – my blood pressure went down. I moved into a calm, meditative state of peace.

Then I got fired up again!

He's back! And right when we need him most. It's only been a couple of games but it feels like it's been longer. He's been tearing up the league and his skills are required to get the Texans where they seek to go – the playoffs!

In order to get there, this becomes what I call a virtual must win! We want you to watch and listen. But it's always better to be there. Check this out.

For more on Stroud's comeback from the protocol, read this.

How good is C.J.? Well, a guy who also wore number seven in this town, Dan Pastorini, had some ear-popping things to say about the guy. Dante doesn't pass out praise for signal callers that easily, but he's so impressed with Stroud he put him in a very special class.

Take a listen. If you must get on with your day quickly, go to about the 2:30 mark.

Johnny Harris missed out on the weekly visit with Texans Executive V.P. and GM Nick Caserio so I handled it solo. Caserio explained what it's like to face an opponent two weeks after you just played them. He also got into the Texans behind-the-scenes staff that helps the players recover from injury and get back on the field.

Finally, here's some light-hearted stuff with a player who will be called upon in pass protection, special teams and who knows what else. Andrew Beck has scored returning a kick, running one in and catching a TD. He sat down with Stephanie Gonzalez to talk about his routine, life and if he could hit major league pitching.

That's it for today. I have to try to go back into a meditative state until Sunday. With all the adrenaline flowing, I'm not sure I'll sleep until next week!

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