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Surprising selections for Texans All-Time offenses

The Draft season is upon us.

On Tuesday, the Houston Texans Digital Media crew heads to Indianapolis for the Combine. The Texans aren't picking until the third round, but Wednesday on our weekly podcast, John Harris and I went "In the Lab" and made some picks of our own.

But we were choosing Texans, current and former. And we were choosing an all-time offense. We put parameters in place, though. You could only choose one quarterback, one running back, a pair of wide receivers, a tight end, a flex/skill position player and five offensive linemen. He let me go first. Below are our selections, in the order we chose them. If you listen to the podcast, you get a more in-depth understanding of why we picked the way we did.

Looking at it, you might scratch your head at the selections. You should. But make sure you listen to the reasoning in the podcast. 

In brief, I went with the most important position, and I chose the guy who I really think is destined for greatness. John went with the best lineman in the organization's history. Then we each took the best pass-catcher off the board.

Below is each lineup. Next week, we'll draft the Ultimate 11 Texans defense.

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