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Tale of two halves in Texans' Week 4 loss

The Texans entered the halftime break with a 17-point lead and just about everything going their way in Week 4. But after the intermission, the Seahawks came to life and scored 23 unanswered points in the overtime victory. In the aftermath, head coach Gary Kubiak shared how badly he felt.

"Obviously miserable," Kubiak said. "Our team played as hard as they could play. Played tremendous in a lot of areas, but couldn't put the game away in the second half."

In the game's first 30 minutes, the Texans rolled for 19 first downs and limited Seattle to just four. The Seahawks were unable to convert a third down in four tries, and amassed just 88 total yards as an offense. Russell Wilson had just 31 passing yards and a trio of completions.

"They handed it to us every way they wanted to in the first half and we really didn't have any answers to stop it," Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said. "The best thing that happened to us was going in to halftime and trying to regroup."

After the break, the Seahawks buckled down on defense and didn't allow the Texans into the red zone, much less the Seattle 40-yard line. With 2:40 remaining in regulation, cornerback Richard Sherman picked off a Matt Schaub pass intended for Owen Daniels, and returned it 58 yards for what would become the equalizing score. Kubiak took the blame for the playcall, but Schaub would have none of that.

"He's the head coach, and it's fine for him to think that," Schaub said. "But ultimately he makes the call to put it in my hands and trust me with the ball. And I have to be better."

Several of Schaub's teammates, however, supported their quarterback.

"He is going through a tough time," defensive end J.J. Watt said. "People are going to come after him, but football is a team game. It is not about one player."

Wide receiver Andre Johnson agreed.

"You can't really just point the finger at one guy," Johnson said. "This is the ultimate team game. It takes all 11 guys to get the job done and we didn't get it done today."

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