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Taste of the Game

Once again, the Texans are holding a weekly Taste of the Game contest this season. Each weekly winner will then compete for the Taste of the Season.

Past winners are listed below.

Lance Parks' Bust Them Up Buckstrap


One whole venison back strap

½ gallon butter milk

2 large bottles Italian dressing

Tabasco sauce

Fresh ground salt

Fresh ground black pepper

1 white onion

3 cloves garlic

4 potatoes

Large cast iron skillet

2 cups cooking oil

Start by soaking the whole back strap in the butter milk for 8 hours.

Remove venison from butter milk and wash in warm water

Marinate the venison in the Italian dressing, 2 table spoons Tabasco, for 12 hours

Cut the potatoes in to one inch cubes. Finely chop the garlic, cut the onion in to small chunks. Mix the 3 together. Salt and pepper lightly

Start your fire and place skillet on the grill. Add oil and let heat to frying temperature. Put in potatoes mixture, and fry till golden brown. 10 -15 minutes.

Place on paper plate and cover to keep hot.

Place venison on the grill. Make sure to seer both sides quickly to seal in the marinade.

Cook till medium rare. No longer than 10 minutes. Venison is a very lean meat and will dry out if cooked to long. Slice the back strap into ¾ inch chops. Each chop should have a nice warm pink center.

Serve Chops and potatoes with your favorite frosty beverage and enjoy. Serves 6 adults.

Pam and Terry's Kick 'em eggers
* *
Heat up yer griddle (we have the Fire n Ice) with a little olive oil and garlic

Thick texas toast sliced bread.

Using a cookie cutter (football shaped) stamp out the center of a few pieces of bread, place them on the griddle, crack a large egg into the center, sprinkle with crumbled bacon, and parmasian cheese, salt n pepper, cook til brown, flip to brown other side. dont forget the mamosa's throw in a strawberry for that classy sassy look! Yum!

Doug Lonidier's grilled steak and shrimp on a stick


4- 12 OZ ribeye steaks
1- bottle Stubbs beef marinade
2- large onions
3- bell peppers
2- packages of fresh mushrooms
1- pound whole Serrano peppers
2- pounds large shrimp peeled

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