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Texans begin search for sixth head coach in franchise history

The Texans have started their search for a new head coach.

After parting ways with Lovie Smith on Sunday evening, Texans Chair and CEO Cal McNair and General Manager Nick Caserio met with the Houston media late Monday afternoon during a press conference at NRG Stadium.

McNair explained he'll take "a more active role in the process" and detailed the next steps in finding the sixth head coach in club history.

"The structured process allows us to begin the head coaching interviews virtually this week," McNair said. "We can begin interviewing candidates in-person after the Wild Card games. As we conduct formal interviews in this process, Nick and I will operate very transparently and keep the media and fans updated on our progress."

According to Caserio, the Texans haven't wasted any time in finding the next head coach, but they'll also be very deliberate and go about it differently than in years past.

"We've already talked about implementing some different techniques and tactics that we feel can help us," Caserio said. "Relying on more members and people in the organization, making it a more inclusive process, and not just make it about one individual or one person."

Caserio emphasized the Texans will consider and interview a variety of candidates. He'll ultimately recommend a choice to McNair.

The general manager also said it's a "fluid situation" when it comes to assistant coaches who were on staff in 2022. He met with all of them today and explained that some might stay on under the new head coach, while others might not be a part of the 2023 staff.

The Texans currently own 11 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, two of which are the second and 12th overall. Caserio referenced that, and also how more salary cap space than in recent years as reasons the team is positioned well for the future.