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Texans celebrate Black History Month with local kids


Tuesday was full of drama and delight as 100 students from the Houston Texans YMCA and Boys & Girls Club attended a special viewing of "I, Barbara Jordan" at the Ensemble Theater.

The play celebrates the life and legacy of Texas legislator Barbara Jordan and her journey from childhood in Houston's Fifth Ward neighborhood through her election to the United State Congress. The first African-American to obtain a seat in the Texas Senate, Jordan's contribution to American politics is honored as part of the Texans tribute to Black History Month.

 "I learned that Barbara Jordan thought she was different than other people, but learned that she was special along the way," said Aria Oakley of the Boys and Girls Club. "My favorite part is when she was talking to her grandfather about what she didn't like about herself, and then her grandfather made her feel better by saying she is special."

"I really liked it," echoed fellow student Meashell Crosby. "It's just great. The Texans do a lot of things for us, and I'm very grateful."

Lorenzo Jackson, Regional Youth Development Director at the YMCA, believes the event provided an opportunity for Houston's youth to engage in the culture of Black History Month.

"With the Texans bringing up this opportunity to the kids, I think it's a great way to help grow their community in knowledge," Jackson said. "Education is a really big thing, and everybody needs to be able to grow in some way. Adding knowledge always plants that seed to inspire someone to go to that next step."

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