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Texans celebrate TD with mock 4X100 relay

Lamar Miller caught a touchdown in the second quarter of Sunday's win over the Cardinals, and passed the baton.


The Texans running back celebrated his 7-yard scoring reception by getting in a sprinter's starting crouch, exploding out of imaginary blocks, and sprinting ahead to a waiting DeAndre Hopkins. The receiver grabbed the baton/football and sprinted ahead to pass it off to fellow receiver Braxton Miller. The second-year pass-catcher accelerated ahead and handed off to a waiting Bruce Ellington. The veteran receiver/anchor leg of the makeshift 4 by 100 meter relay team took the ball and ran back into the field of play to cap the celebration.

According to Ellington, it was fairly spontaneous.

"We didn't rehearse it," Ellington said. "That's what you do man, you can't rehearse it. You just gotta go out there and have fun with it. I think we did a great job."

Miller said Hopkins came up with the idea.

"He was like 'Whoever scores, we should do a relay,'" Miller said. "All the guys got together, and we were just trying to have fun. No rehearsing. It was pretty creative."

The running back also added that the foursome would "be a great 4 X 100 team".

Ellington joked that they could've pulled off the quarter mile in "41" seconds.

The United States Track And Field twitter account liked the Houston Texans' tweet from above, and responded as well.

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