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Texans chip in for Kemah family


On Thursday in Kemah, Texans right tackle Eric Winston and wide receivers David Anderson and Jacoby Jones mingled with fans and were wowed by a good deed done for a deserving family.

They were there to take part in the move-in day for the ABC's hit television show, "Extreme Home Makeover Edition", a program that finds a family whose house (and spirits) is in need of help and transforms it in the span of less than a week.

After arriving, they went on a tour with one of the show's producers and found out a lot of the back-story on how the entire process works. A highly-efficient and organized army of show employees, as well as volunteers from the area came to the neighborhood and set up camp for a week, culminating with the finished product, which was the Beach family arriving and seeing their brand-new home.

Mold, snakes and rats from Hurricane Ike damaged the Beach family's original home, and the hit tv show came in and improved their house, which can take care of the 14 children. Some of those children are adopted and some are there in foster care, and four are the biological children of the Beach's. Additionally, a few of the children are disabled mentally and/or physically.

Candy and Tracy of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders also went on the tour, as did TORO, the official mascot of the team. They too, signed autographs and threw prizes to the thousands in the crowd watching the home reveal.

Winston, who said he's seen the show a few times marveled at the amount of work behind the scenes goes into such a production.

"You never realize how much goes into something like this," Winston said. "How many man hours, how much volunteering, just the whole nine. It's pretty special."

Jones meanwhile, was extremely happy for the Beach family, and was floored by the challenges they face on a daily basis.

"I give all praise and respect to the mother and the father of that family, because that's a task. That's a job on their hands," Jones said.

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