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Texans defensive players excited about Ed Reed

Excited about Ed Reed joining the Texans? So are Reed's new defensive teammates.

Here's what Texans inside linebacker Brian Cushing, cornerbacks Johnathan Joseph and Brice McCain and outside linebacker Brooks Reed said about Reed, a nine-time Pro Bowl safety with the Baltimore Ravens who ranks 10th in NFL history with 61 interceptions, signing with the Texans on Thursday.

ILB Brian Cushing
On Reed joining the Texans: "I'm very excited. I'm looking forward to working with him. Was a big Miami fan growing up, so I got to see him play a lot and obviously in the pros. He's probably the best safety that's ever played the game. Anytime you get an opportunity to play with a guy like that, it's gonna be awesome."

On what Reed brings to the defense: "A lot of experience. He's a Super Bowl champion. I don't know how many times he's been to the Pro Bowl, and just the winning mentality. On top of that, just the mental things that he'll help bring and the physical game. I believe he's still as good as he ever was, so the presence of having him back there is tremendous."

On the value of Reed's experience: "No question. He's been through it all. Just the presence and mental leadership he'll help bring here is gonna be awesome. I think it's gonna help all positions from corner, safety, everyone on defense. He's gonna expect a certain standard every day, whether it's practice or games, and we're gonna be excited to live up to it."

CB Johnathan Joseph
On his reaction when Reed signed: "I was very ecstatic. I shot him a text letting him know I was glad to have him onboard and things like that, just kind of hit off a relationship or whatever. I watched him over the years from my time in Cincinnati, and to be honest, I haven't seen a guy like him at the position, just the way he impacts the game and the way he studies the game and knows the game. I've seen him make some plays where I've kind of scratched my head about because I wanted to know, 'How did he know that?'"

On adding Reed to the defense: "He's gonna be a great addition just because he brings several intangibles that you can't even start to name off, let alone just the things he's done in the game. Being in the locker room, being in the meeting room, the young guys looking up to a player like that, going out there and playing each and every day and making plays… He's a game-changer. He's a fierce player. He's a great competitor. He's the kind of player that you want on the field each and all times because you never know when he's gonna make the next impact play. He's a nine-time Pro Bowler, All-Pro, first-ballot Hall of Famer, 60 career interceptions. Anytime the ball's in the air, he has a chance to go up and get it."

On watching Reed throughout his career: "Absolutely. I never tried to model my game after him because I played a different position, but everyone that I know always thought they were the next Ed Reed coming up. When he signed, I got some of my buddies, they can't wait to get out here and see him in live action. It's kind of like that with him, and I'm just as excited. But I'm more so glad to have a guy like that with us. It's just a great piece, and hopefully, if he can do half of what he did for Baltimore, it'll be a plus for us."


CB Brice McCain** On Reed signing: "I think it's great, man. He's a legend, one of the best players in NFL history. So I'm very blessed to play with him, and I can't wait 'til he gets here so I can talk with him and pick his brain. I'm just happy to play with him."

On how much he has followed Reed's career: "I've watched him since I've been here. You don't have a choice but to watch him. He's a Pro Bowler. He's a Hall of Famer. What else can you say? Can't get nothing but good things from him."

On Reed's veteran presence: "I think he'll be a good leader. We need a leader, a veteran leader, to come in and just lead us, man, show us the steps and how to win in big games. We're here to listen."

OLB Brooks Reed
On Reed: "Obviously, he's a huge addition to our defense. I think he's still at the peak of his career. He's on his third contract and he's still putting up numbers. He covers one side of the field and he's a master at his position. Not only is he going to perform on the field, but he's gonna be a great teacher to the younger guys that come in, so that will be pretty important. It's a key piece to getting to that final game that we all strive for."

On watching Reed throughout his career: "I've seen so many highlights on him. He's just a playmaker, and there's not too many safeties like him out there. He's always around the ball and he's just got great ability."

On having another Reed on the Texans: "I'm down with that, man. Let's get all the Reeds we can get."

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