Texans "Dunk Madness"

This Thursday and Friday are two of the greatest sports days of the year.

The NCAA Tournament kicks off, and game after game after game is on television.

What's that have to do with the Texans?

Not much, really.

BUT...a few players have basketball skills in their background.

Take wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins: he didn't just shred defenses on the football field when he was at Clemson. He was a member of the Tigers' basketball team for two seasons as well.

He's the most accomplished basketball player on the team, but he's not the only one who can throw down.

Below are a few players who've dunked a basketball, or football in J.J. Watt's case, in the past. It's been caught on video, and we've warehoused it here.

DeAndre Hopkins, from a high school all star game that also featured former South Carolina receiver and current San Francisco 49er Bruce Ellington.

Quarterback Ryan Mallett, all 6-foot-7 inches of him, flushed one in this celebrity basketball game a few years back.

Linebacker Jadeveon Clowney looked like a Shaq-among-boys in this clip below. I wonder how far he could've gone if he'd focused on basketball instead of football.

This is the most impressive, though: linebacker Brian Cushing gets theatrical and dunks over a guy, in hiking boots.

Wide receiver Keshawn Martin wasn't a dunker, but his video below showed off his dribbling skills.

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