Texans free agents

The off-season is officially upon us so we've listed the Texans' unrestricted free agents and restricted free agents below.

Unrestricted veteran free agents are players who have completed four or more accrued seasons of service and whose contracts have expired. They are free to sign with any club through the first scheduled day of the first NFL training camp. On that day, their exclusive rights will revert to their original club if that club made a June 1 tender to these players. Teams will have until the 10th week of the season to sign their unrestricted veteran free agents to whom a tender was made on June 1. If the player does not sign by then, he must continue to sit out the remainder of the season. If a June 1 tender is not made to an unrestricted free agent, he continues to be free to sign with any club.

Restricted free agents are players who have completed three accrued seasons of service and whose contracts have expired. They have received qualifying offers from their old clubs and are free to negotiate with any club until April 15, at which time their rights revert to their original club. If a player accepts an offer from a new club, the old club will have the right to match the offer and retain the player. If the old club elects not to match the offer, it may receive draft-choice compensation depending on the level of the qualifying offer made to the player.


Free agency Q&A


CB Jason Bell
WR Corey Bradford
G Milford Brown
LB Frank Chamberlin
LB Troy Evans
WR Jabar Gaffney
LB DaShon Polk
TE Marcellus Rivers
SS Ramon Walker
C/G Tyson Walter
G Fred Weary
RB Jonathan Wells

* *
WR Derick Armstrong
T Garrick Jones
TE Matt Murphy
LB Antwan Peek
LS Bryan Pittman
QB Dave Ragone
T Seth Wand

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