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Houston Texans

Texans get good reviews for DeAndre Hopkins pick

The Texans' selection of DeAndre Hopkins in the first round at No. 27 overall has been well-received by analysts across the NFL.

Here's a sampling of their commentary:

Farrar, in his Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner blog, also said that Hopkins was "without question" the right pick, "and this guy might be the missing piece that propels the Texans to a Super Bowl bid."

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated gave the pick an A, writing, "good luck defending Hopkins and Andre Johnson at the same time, NFL defenses. We already know what Johnson is capable of at the NFL level, but Hopkins' hands, route-running ability and desire to go after the football could make him just as dangerous a weapon... Houston is not far away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender — some might say the Texans are there already. Hopkins certainly keeps the momentum moving in the right direction, and both Matt Schaub and Johnson ought to love this one."

In a separate write-up, called Hopkins "perhaps the best big-play receiver in the draft."

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports gave the Texans a B, writing: "Hopkins fills a major need. He isn't fast, but he plays fast. A solid pick."

Nate Davis of USA Today wrote the following: "Finally, the Texans grab an intriguing wingman/heir apparent for Andre Johnson, who will be 32 this season. Hopkins' legs have enough juice to make him dangerous on the boundaries while Johnson, TE Owen Daniels, and RB Arian Foster work the hashmarks and the flat."'s Insider analysis: "The first thing that jumps out about Hopkins is his hands. He has big mitts and snatches the ball out of the air. Hopkins also has the body control to adjust to passes outside his frame. He could do a better job streamlining his routes, but he has the quick feet to improve in that area. He's not a burner and won't consistently take the top off coverage, but his size and ball skills allow him to compete down the field."

What do you think about the pick? Leave your comments below.

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