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Texans Helping Texans | Daily Brew

I was talking to my dad this morning and he was telling me how impressed he was with the Houston community pulling together to help one another throughout the winter freeze and its aftermath.

Keep in mind, he's in New Jersey. He knows there's something special about Texas from his time flying as a member of the Euro contingent in a NATO jet-fighter training program in the 50s.

He's from the Netherlands and doesn't know much about football, but keeps up-to-date and does enjoy reading and seeing what the Houston Texans are doing to help Houston.

He talked about the efforts for the Houston Food Bank and Kid's Meals, Inc. Cal and Hannah McNair have been on the front lines helping get much needed supplies to Houstonians. Also, Janice McNair and the Texans made a half million dollar contribution to the Greater Houston/Harris County 2021 Winter Storm Relief Fund. The Texans even sponsored Food Trucks in City Council District D.

After last week's winter storm caused statewide power outages that wiped out food supplies throughout communities, Cal and Hannah McNair, Texans Legends helped pass out food at five food trucks in Houston's City Council District D sponsored by the Houston Texans.

The players have been making a difference as well. Oh, you don't need to ask, they just do it. Check out some of the things they've been up to to help out fellow Texans.

The Texans partners also sprung into action quickly as the frigid air set in. HEB President Scott McClelland said a store in Leander had lost power with about 150 people on line to buy groceries. The store manager let everyone leave with the unpurchased groceries. Dad read about that one in the New York Times.

We've had a lot of practice. We're used to recovering from Hurricanes so this was like getting blitzed from another direction. But Texans picked it up and are making plays to get everyone going again.

Texas is the land of opportunity. That also includes its residents taking advantage of the opportunity to help others in tough times. This was one of them. It won't be the last. And there's no better place to be than in Houston, where the leaders step up and stand out when needed.

The Houston Texans and partners are making donations around the city of Houston. Click here to learn more.

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