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Texans honor USS Texas

The country's most modern and nuclear advanced submarine made its way to the historic

early last week for its commissioning ceremony and the Texans were honored to be part of the celebration.

Over 10,000 people, including Texans officials and cheerleaders, were witnessed the submarine's arrival to the port early Monday morning with its 134 crew members led by Captain John Litherland. The submarine came to

with first lady Laura Bush serving as sponsor.


embodies the best ideals of her namesake state: endurance, courage, loyalty and quiet strength; and nowhere are these virtues more visible than in her crew," Bush said.  "For years you have prepared this boat and yourselves to protect our nation on the sea.  Today, at long last, she and you are ready."

The event-filled week culminated Saturday with the official commissioning ceremony taking place in

for which Texans officials also took part of.

"Thanks to the vision of Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison whose support enabled this to happen and to the great

community and the many supporting agencies, our visit here has been incredibly successful," Litherland said.  "They rolled out the red carpet and made my crew feel like guests of honor."

The Texans final contribution tribute to the newly commissioned ship came Sunday as the naval officers were invited to take part of the pregame activities during the Texans regular season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. USS Texas crew members were honored by taking the field during opening ceremonies and Captain Litherland's performance of the National Anthem.

For more information on the USS Texas visit their website at

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