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Houston Texans

Texans host camp for visually impaired


The Texans hosted their second annual football camp for visually impaired students at the Methodist Training Facility on Friday.

Approximately 50 visually impaired students from the Houston Independent School District were introduced to football through various drills, simulated crowd noise and a chance to try on shoulder pads, a helmet and cleats. They also received dance instruction from two Texans Cheerleaders.

Former Texans wide receiver and punt returner J.J. Moses led the instruction and spoke to the students about the game.

"It's amazing just to be around these kids because not only do I encourage them, but they encourage me," Moses said. "I told somebody, I've had more fun doing this than actually playing football – so that's a lot of fun to me."

{QUOTE}The children, ranging in age from 6-22, suffered from a wide range of issues from low vision or lack of peripheral vision to total blindness. They were selected for the camp based on teacher recommendations from schools around the district. Many of the attendees are the only visually impaired students on their respective campuses.

"For most of these kids, this is what they're going to remember for the rest of their lives is coming to an NFL stadium and working out and having fun and scoring touchdowns and even being around some of the cheerleaders," Moses said. "So this is mind-boggling for me.

"They're enjoying it. They're smiling from ear to ear. They're loving it, and it's just overwhelming right now."

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