Texans host Football 101 for Battle Red Ladies


On the eve of training camp at the Methodist Training Center, the Houston Texans hosted 'Football 101' with the Battle Red Ladies, presented by State Farm. More than 200 women learned the particulars about the game of football and were able to interact with players, coaches and support staff.

The event began with presentations on the daily routine of the team, as well as their equipment and uniforms. Then, the ladies were broken into four groups, and rotated between stations.

At one station, they were able to ask questions of wide receiver David Anderson and tight end Joel Dreessen. At another, they met with defensive end Tim Bulman and linebacker Zac Diles.

Team dietitian Roberta Anding described the intricacies of keeping the Texans healthy, while special teams coordinator Joe Marciano was at a fourth station breaking down the ins-and-outs of the kicking and return game.

The attendance was more than double that of the 2009 event, and at the end, there was a raffle for Texans memorabilia.

To learn more about the Battle Red Ladies, click here.

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