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Texans jiggle weekly practice schedule

This is a different week of work for the Texans.

Coming off a Monday Night Football game at 7,349 feet in Mexico City, head coach Bill O'Brien jiggled the weekly practice schedule for Houston.

"Just a little bit longer day today," the head coach said on Wednesday. "Giving them off tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving by the way. We'll give them off tomorrow and then we'll have a longer Friday."


When NFL teams play a Sunday game, the players have a mandatory day off on Tuesday. Because the Texans played on Monday, and again this Sunday against the Chargers at NRG Stadium, O'Brien and company worked on Wednesday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

"We'll do the best we can to get caught up to another team that's coming off of a bye that we're playing," O'Brien said. "I think the most important thing is to make sure that we're rested and we have a lot of energy on the field on Sunday."

The Chargers are 4-6, and last played on November 13 when they fell at home to the Dolphins. The Texans players will be off for Thanksgiving, but the coaches will still head to the office.


"We're going to work for a while and then we'll head home and spend some time with our families," O'Brien said.

Pro Bowl receiver DeAndre Hopkins said he planned on visiting a teammate Thursday who knows a thing or two about cooking.

"I'm probably going to go to Vince Wilfork's house," Hopkins said. "I've heard he's a great chef, so I'm going to go test it out."

Hopkins, Wilfork and the Texans will resume work on Friday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.


Check out some of the best shots from Wednesday's practice as the Texans prepare for the Chargers on Sunday.

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