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Texans know exact overall picks for 2019 NFL Draft

The Texans know their exact overall picks for each round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

On Friday the NFL awarded 32 compensatory picks to a handful of teams, spreading those selections from the end of the third round down through the end of the seventh. The Texans didn't receive any comp picks, but now that the seven rounds are set, they know each of the overall selections for all seven draft choices they own.

Before Friday, Houston knew its first four overall picks. The first round selection was 23rd overall. Because of a 2017 trade with Seattle, the Texans hold the Seahawks' second-rounder, which is the 54th pick in the Draft, as well as their own second-rounder, which is 55th overall. In the third round, Houston holds the 86th overall selection.

Friday they learned their final three: the fifth-rounder is 161st overall, the sixth-rounder is 195th and the seventh-rounder is 220th. That final pick is the New York Giants, which the Texans acquired via a trade with the Broncos during the 2018 season.

The NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 25 in Nashville.

Round 1 23rd overall
Round 2 54th overall (Seattle)
Round 2 55th overall
Round 3 86th overall
Round 5 161st overall
Round 6 195th overall
Round 7 220th overall (New York, via trade with Denver)

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