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Texans, NFL partner up for PLAY 60 Character Camp

The Houston Texans, in conjunction with the NFL, partnered with Hall of Fame offensive tackle Anthony Muñoz to host an NFL PLAY 60 Character Camp on Wednesday and Thursday at Finnigan Park.

Texans Pro Bowler Duane Brown and defensive end David Hunter were in attendance to interact and run non-contact drills with approximately 300 boys and girls.

The mission of the event was to make a positive impact on local youth from the Houston community through teaching football skills and encouraging exercise. In addition to learning about the sport, participants were taught character values such as teamwork, integrity, and respect.

"I think this is a great opportunity," Hunter said after the event. "You come out here and get a chance to be around good guys, guys that know how to carry themselves and who have had great careers in the NFL. I tell the kids to go out there and give it all that you got. That's one thing I make sure I get out to the kids."

After over three hours of playing with the pros, each camper was given a football with a bilingual hang-tag that offers the opportunity to view videos on the basics of football in both Spanish and English on the NFL's youth website.

The camp is the third of 12 NFL PLAY 60 Character Camps to be held this summer in 14 cities. The other locations include Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, Oakland, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa Bay and Tennessee. Two additional camps will be held during the Hispanic Heritage Month game in Denver and Super Bowl XLVIII week in New York/New Jersey.

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