Texans Notebook: Foster's Namaste, Daniels' play count


Texans running back Arian Foster was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week on Wednesday for his 33-carry, 231-yard, three-touchdown rushing performance in Week 1 against the Indianapolis Colts.

"It's an honor," Foster said. "There's a lot of great players in this league. They thought I was the cream of the crop this week, so it's an honor. I'll take it. But we've got another game. You can be a distant memory very fast in this league if you don't stay focused."

Origins of the bow
Each time Foster has scored this year – twice in the preseason, three times against the Colts – he has celebrated with a gracious bow in the end zone with his hands clasped together in front of his chest.

"I thought about it all (offseason)," Foster said of the celebration. "I feel like every running back should have their own little stamp on the game, and mine kind of stems from the core of what I believe. It's a Namaste. It means respect. It's a Hindu greeting and it just means, 'I see the god in you.' It's paying my respects to the game of football.

"The basis of it is just, 'I see you. I respect you.' It's kind of like – have you seen 'Avatar,' how they say 'I see you?' It's kind of like that."

Foster is not Hindu but has studied Hinduism, Buddhism and other cultures and religions "just to get a feel for people," he said.

40 more for Daniels
Texans coach Gary Kubiak said that nothing will change in Week 2 regarding tight end Owen Daniels' playing time. Daniels was expected to play 20-25 snaps against the Colts in his first game back from a knee injury, but he wound up on the field for more than 40.

"He probably played too many plays last week, but that's the way he is," Kubiak said. "He wouldn't come out. He wanted to play and he came out clean, but think we go right back and he'll play his 40 plays again and he continues to get better.

"O.D. is in his second preseason game. He hadn't played in a long time and it's a tough road back, and he'll get there. He'll get there quicker than most."

New line-mates
Defensive end Antonio Smith commented on the arrival of free agents Adewale Ogunleye and Ryan Denney, who will provide much-needed veteran depth behind he and Mario Williams.

"Both of them have played at a high level," he said. "With them coming here, we expect them to do the same here. That's what they do. When you bring veteran guys in to do a job, everybody knows what to expect from them because they've seen them on film and seen what they can do. Their reputation speaks for itself."

The presence of Ogunleye and Denney should allow Smith to continue to move inside to defensive tackle, where he has been most disruptive, on passing downs.

"It's kind of crazy. Now when you go somewhere, everybody's excited – excited about football, they're talking about the win. But you can't dwell on that, and we know that. I think everyone knows that. To be honest, I think we might've even shocked some of our own fans with what happened. But like I said, that's over and done with. We just have to move on and get ready for Washington."
- WR Andre Johnson, on the reaction in Houston to the Texans' Week 1 victory over the Colts

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