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Texans post-practice quotes

Texans RB Stacey Mack

         (On being a feature back)  "It's been everything I
         expected, I mean it's work, it's hard work being the feature back
         and it's been everything I expected."
         (On if he has any regrets leaving the Jaguars)  "No, I
         don't have any regrets at all."
         (On how it feels to play with so many ex-Jaguars)  "The
         guys they have here are great guys and great players."
         (On if he and the ex-Jags talk about the past)  "Sometimes
         we talk about some funny moments that we had in Jacksonville, not
         most of the time, but sometimes we talk about it."
         (On his eagerness to play this game)  "No I didn't circle
         it on my calendar.  Really, I take it as another game, it's
         just a game.  I have a lot of good friends on that team so you
         do want to go out and play well and have a good game against
         (On if he talks to Fred Taylor)  "Yeah I talk to Fred at
         least twice a week and we just talk about what kind of game we had,
         what went on during the game.  Yeah, we'll talk before the
         (On if he has any hard feelings against Jacksonville)  "No
         there weren't any hard feelings, no hard feelings at all.  They
         knew I wanted to be a feature guy, I wanted to carry the ball and
         they knew that.  There are no hard feelings with anybody in the
         (On Jacksonville's D-line)  "Yeah they'll be on us,
         they're probably the best front we'll face, and they have two young
         guys in Hugh Douglas and Tony Brackens who are looking very good off
         his injury.  We just have to be physical, we have to be more
         physical than they are and just run the ball.  We have to get
         the running game started early on these guys and open up the passing
         (On the Jacksonville QB situation)  "I don't know, Mark's
         still a great quarterback. I think Mark has two or three more years,
         good years in his career and that's the way it is."
         (On if it feels less that he faces his old team due to the team's
         turnover in the front office)  "Yeah that too, but still
         you have teammates that you played with for four years.  It
         does feel like they have different offensive schemes and different
         defensive schemes but you're still facing teammates that you played
         with for the last four years."
         (On the Texans offense not getting into the end zone) 
         "Yeah that is a problem especially when you're playing teams
         that can put points up on the board.  We're moving the ball but
         we're just shooting ourselves in the foot as far as making mistakes. 
         We just have to move the ball and put points on the board. 
         That wins games, points on the board.  It is a problem right
         now, but hopefully we can get it started this week."
         **Texans FS Marlon McCree**
         (on his role in this Sunday's game) "I think I'll have more of
         a special teams role and be ready to step in if a guy goes down.
         Unless things change, that's what my goal will be."
         (on how he is picking up the Texans' defense) "It's going well.
         I have a pretty good understanding of what's going on. Today, I'll
         be getting reps and throughout the week I'll be getting more reps. 

I think as the week ends I'll become much more comfortable with the system and the scheme of things."

         (on if he is going to talk trash to his former Jaguars' teammates)
         "Oh yeah, I'm going to talk a lot of trash during the game.
         They will too. I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a lot of
         fun. I've got a lot of friends on that team. If I beat a guy inside
         or if I make a play on a guy, I'm going to give it to him pretty
         good. And vice versa - if they make a play, they are going to talk
         (on if this game is just another game) "I'm from Florida.
         Jacksonville is not my home, but it's an hour away from my Orlando.
         I've got a lot of friends on that team. I'll go out there and I want
         to play my best. They are going to want to play their best against
         me. I am going to go out there and have a good time."
         **Texans DE Gary Walker**
         (On Jacksonville) "They play hard.  They're 0-3 but they
         play hard.  They have got a lot of weapons so we just have to
         concentrate on playing a team and not letting the record sink in
         there because their record does not speak on how this team has been
         (On the importance of this game) "It's a big game for us. 
         With the bye week coming up it would be great to get a win here and
         go into the bye week 2-2 and just regroup.  You have got a team
         here that it very capable.  They've got a lot of playmakers. 
         They have got probably one of the best running backs in the league,
         two quarterbacks, and good receivers.  They've got a stout
         defense; front four is as good as any in the league.  We have
         got our work cut out for us this week."
         (On game planning for different quarterbacks) "There are
         certain things you will probably do differently with a left handed
         or right handed quarterback but pretty much it's the same. 
         Both of the quarterbacks have played well.  We have just got to
         try and pressure them and keep them moving."
         (On winning going into the bye week) "It would mean a lot,
         means you're 2-2, means you're split and you're still sitting there
         basically pretty much even with everyone else.  There are going
         to be a lot of teams 2-2 after this week.  Then you comeback,
         regroup and get ready to go and play the rest of the season."
         (On last week vs. Kansas City) "The only thing you can learn
         from last week is if you don't do the little things then stuff like
         that happens.  I myself have to play better and think there are
         a lot of other guys that have to play better as a team.  That's
         one thing you have to do, you have to be quicker in all three phases
         and you got to do it for 60 minutes.  The way a lot of these
         games are now with overtime you have to do it for 68 minutes."
         **Texans LB Jamie Sharper**
         (on playing Jacksonville this Sunday) "I know that they're
         going to come in here to Houston and try to get one on us. They'll
         definitely be prepared, especially being oh-and-three and having
         some games they could have won earlier in the season. They'll come
         here with their best effort. So we have to go out here on Sunday and
         make sure we have all the guys playing on point and getting our job
         (on which quarterback he is preparing for) "I think Brunell is
         doing a good job. A lot of people are talking about Leftwich coming
         in and what have you. But I'm just preparing for Brunell because he
         is a great quarterback. He is a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback and he
         has made plays against us in the past. Leftwich - we don't have to
         worry about him as much right now because we haven't seen him on the
         field, except during the preseason. We're going to keep preparing
         for Brunell and make sure that we're ready for him."
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