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Texans post-practice quotes

Texans TE Billy Miller

         (on Sunday's loss at New Orleans) "Every team could look back-I
         don't care if you get beat by 50 (points)-you can always say, 'Man,
         if we would have just done this.' The problem is we aren't doing
         those things in games like that. That's why we are still considered
         a young team and an expansion team. When we start making the plays
         that change the game and start making the plays that allow us to
         win, then we'll get to another level."
         (on Kansas City's defense) "Last year, they were almost at the
         bottom (of the NFL) on defense. They went out and got some new
         players and kind of changed the scheme up a little bit. Now they are
         right back up at the top. Hats off to their coaching staff and
         (on how to attack Kansas City's defense) "There aren't many
         holes in their defense. You just have to go out and you've got to
         play as hard as they play because they play hard at a high tempo.
         You just have to go out and play and win your one-on-one matchups.
         If you beat your man, then we'll be successful. If you don't, we
         **Texans DE Gary Walker**
         (on his status this week and for Sunday's game) "I'm going to
         practice today. I'm going to do some stuff in practice today and
         just continue to do a little more. We'll see how this thing goes.
         This Sunday is a lot closer than any other Sunday. It's something
         really positive. I'm getting stronger, working hard at it."
         (on Chiefs RB Priest Holmes) "Priest Holmes is a solid back. He
         backed up in Baltimore. Then he went to Kansas City to get a shot 

to be the man and he has been the man ever since they gave him the job. He is definitely their offense. He is a big portion of their offense. The (Chiefs) have Priest Holmes, they got a great tight end like Tony Gonzalez, receivers, a good blocking fullback and a great offensive line. We've got our work cut out for us up front. That's where it starts.

         **Texans DT Seth Payne**
         (On his injury)  "In my case, I got my foot stuck in the
         turf and the knee gave out on me.  But they've done a lot of
         studies on it and never really been able to pin it on the astroturf,
         so I'd prefer not to play on it anyways, just because I think it
         makes your body a lot more sore afterwards, a little tougher to
         recover, but like I said, these things happen."
         (on how he will help his teammates)  "I talked to Coach,
         and I'm going to keep going like I'm on the active roster.  I'm
         going to be in meetings, I'm going to go out with the team to
         practice and try to help them along.  I've seen Steve (Martin)
         on film before, he's a good player.  Terrance (Martin) has
         really come a long way and he's a hard worker, so I think when those
         guys are under this kind of pressure, they'll make a lot of
         **Texans DE Corey Sears**
         (On what impresses him about Kansas City)  "Speed, power. 
         Their offensive line is real good and we just have to have good gap
         control, gap sound, and pursue Priest."
         (On comparing him to Ricky Williams)  "It's good we get to
         see two backs like this early cause they set the pace for all the
         rest of the backs we face, and we have to stop them."
         (On what makes Priest Holmes special)  "Well he's a San
         Antonio kid to start.  Us San Antonio kids have a lot of heart,
         there's not much going on there, so all we have is football.  I
         played against Priest in high school, and he's been running like
         that for a while."
         **Texans DT Steve Martin**
         (On what he brings to the table)  "I'm a pretty solid run
         guy, that's what I do, stop the run.  It's my first time in a
         true 3-4, but I've done it before, so it's not entirely new. 
         The schemes are similar to what I've run in the past.  I feel
         optimistic about what's going to happen."
         **Texans OL Milford Brown**
         (on what went wrong with Texans' offensive line at New Orleans)
         "There were a few mental errors among everyone. There is no big
         problem. Everything that happened can be worked out."
         **Texans RB Stacey Mack**
         (on what the Texans can do to improve their offense against the
         Chiefs) "We're going to go out there and be physical. We have
         to get back to being physical like we were against Miami-running the
         ball, just pounding them and wearing them down.
         **Texans QB David Carr**
         (on how the Saints stopped the Texans' offense) "They got into
         some man fronts and we got caught on a couple of run plays where
         they had good defenses for them. The offensive line started
         second-guessing themselves a little bit too much. We'll be all
         right. It can be fixed."
         (on establishing a running game by passing instead of the other way
         around) "Some teams go about it that way. It all depends on
         what team you are going against. Maybe we could've done a little bit
         more of that. You can always question yourself after the fact. But
         we should've taken care of business out there. We had the lead at
         halftime. We were in the game in the fourth quarter. We just got out
         of our game plan."
         **Texans LB Jay Foreman**
         (on going up against the Chiefs without Seth Payne and maybe Gary
         Walker) "The biggest thing is everyone needs to execute that
         much better in the run game."
         (on Chiefs' offensive line) "The Chiefs have big guys that can
         move pretty well and they all pass block really well. They can get
         out and pull on screens and on their box plays. They are probably
         the best offensive line that we'll face all year."
         (on facing Holmes on Sunday) "As a defense, we need to be
         fundamentally sound, obviously make good tackles, don't give him
         anything easy and try to make him work for everything that he gets.
         He is the type of player that you can't really shut down to 20 yards
         or something. You can't give him big plays because he gets the ball
         in a variety of ways in their offense."
         **Texans LB Jamie Sharper**
         (on stopping the Chiefs' offense) "The main thing to focus on
         is Priest Holmes. He gets the ball probably 75 to 80 percent of the
         time. The main thing is to limit his ability to make plays. Being
         the offensive player of the year (in 2002), he makes their offense
         go. If we can stop him, we'll have a good chance of stopping their
         (on Chiefs' offensive line) "They've got some good guys.
         They're physical and a little quicker than regular offensive
         linemen. They do a lot more pulling. They try to get Priest outside
         the tackles on certain run plays. So we have to be ready to run.
         They also cut (block) more. They probably cut second most to the
         Denver Broncos' offensive line. It's a different type of blocking
         that we've got to take on."
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