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Texans' rep rules


Dan Riley has been the Texans' strength and conditioning coach since February 2001.

The key to any strength program is the execution of each repetition. The key to maximum gains is ultimately determined by how each rep is performed and how hard you are willing to work to finish each set. Following are the rep rules that the Houston Texans follow in our strength and conditioning program.

Rep Rules

1. Raise the weight in a smooth and deliberate manner.

  • No sudden or jerky movements
  • Eliminate the use of any momentum 2. Pause momentarily in the muscles fully-contracted position.
  • All of your muscle fibers are working in this position 3. Slowly make the transition from raising the weight to lowering the weight.
  • Do not suddenly drop the weight. 4. Emphasize the lowering of the weight.
  • The same muscles that raise the weight are the same muscles used to lower the weight.
  • One half of the benefits come from raising the weight and the other half come from the lowering phase.
  • Gravity makes it easier to lower the weight; take more time to lower the weight. 5. Raise and lower the weight through the full range of motion provided by each exercise.
  • Partial movements develop part of the muscle.

*Learn more about health and fitness from Dan Riley, the Texans' strength and conditioning coach, and Roberta Anding, the team nutritionist, by listening to the Houston Texans Fitness Show with Roberta & Riley, which is broadcast every Saturday at 7 a.m. on SportsRadio 610.

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