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Texans set to face a challenge in Vikings defense

The Texans face a stiff challenge this Sunday in the Minnesota defense.

The undefeated Vikings have allowed just 12.5 points per game through the first quarter of the season. That's the second-best mark in the NFL. They're also a Top-10 defense in a slew of categories, including yards per game, rushing yards per game to passing yards per game.

"Across the board when you look at the Vikings' defense, you're looking at a terrific defense,"

quarterback Brock Osweiler said. "We know the challenge we have of going on the road and playing those guys this Sunday."

With an extremely disruptive front, Minnesota has a trio of players with at least three sacks in 2016. After seeing a steady diet of 3-4 defenses to begin the season, Texans head coach Bill O'Brien said the Vikings present a new wrinkle.

"This is the first time we've played a 4-3 team," O'Brien said. "Basically a true 4-3 team this year, which is a lot different for our players. We've been seeing a lot of 3-4 and under fronts and things like that. It's a totally different team."

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said his team's success on defense lies in the personnel.

"Honestly, we're probably lucky we've got good players," Zimmer said. "Philosophically, I don't think we're any different than anybody else. You try to get the run stopped. You try to get some pressure on the quarterback with either disguise or coverage."

The Vikings have surrendered just six touchdowns in the first four games. Additionally, they held their last two opponents in the Giants and Panthers, to just 10 points apiece. 


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