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Texans start three-day mini-camp


Tuesday marked the start of Texans Minicamp, a three-day ordeal designed for young players to get a chance to take first-team reps and impress the coaching staff before the start of training camp. Rookies, second-year and some third-year players participated in walk-through drills that lasted just over two hours.

Veterans did not practice but worked out across the street with head strength and conditioning coach Cedric Smith.

"What I wanted to do was take all the young guys and go back, everything we did the last month, and just kind of have a crash course—kind of a test in a lot of ways," head coach Gary Kubiak said after practice. "I'm not so concerned about the physical part right now, finding out where they're at mentally."

Kubiak was impressed with what he saw Tuesday, in particular the progress of rookie tackle David Quessenberry.

"I'm impressed with how far he's come," Kubiak said of Quessenberry. "You never know. There have been some sixth and seventh round draft choices in this league start and be great players. With the work he's getting, he's going to get a good chance to have that type of situation as a young player, so we'll see what happens."

Second-year quarterback Case Keenum also made an impression on the head coach, who complimented Keenum's confidence and described his play as "second nature" to him.

Content with where the veterans are physically and mentally, Kubiak is focusing his attention on the newcomers. As he put it, not everyone will make the Texans roster, but all will get a chance to play in the National Football League.

"(The veterans) don't need three more days of the same reps," he said. "These young guys need them. I think as a coach, it's my job to get them in a position where they can compete to make a team. That's why we're trying to get them the reps."

Minicamp concludes on Thursday. The team will not practice together until training camp kicks off in late July.

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