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Texans Super Bowl-watching plans


As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, we found out how a few Texans will watch the game.

With less than two days before the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, the Texans will take in the game—or not—in a variety of ways.

Tight end Joel Dreessen said he'll join some teammates and head to quarterback Matt Schaub's house on Sunday afternoon with his wife and newborn son, and anticipates a low-key event.

"We'll watch about a half and then head back home," Dreessen said Friday. "When you have a two-week old baby, that's the way it goes."

Running back Steve Slaton will watch the game in Tampa with family and friends, and will return back to Houston early next week.

Receivers Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones are also in South Florida as well, but they're in the host city taking in the game and having fun doing so.

As for long snapper Bryan Pittman, he too will watch the game, but will do so with family and friends in his Houston-area home.

Some Texans are avoiding the game altogether.

Punter Matt Turk says he won't watch because he's at Disney World with his wife and five kids.

"I'll probably be on a Small World ride," Turk said of his plans during the big game.

Turk, however, does have big plans for this time in 2011.

"The next Super Bowl I watch is the one I'll be playing in!"

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