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Texans support Lemonade Day


On a beautiful Sunday, thousands of kids and several Houston Texans decided to forgo their play time and become entrepreneurs, setting up lemonade stands across Houston in Prepared 4 Life's second annual Lemonade Day event.

Prepared 4 Life is a nonprofit that prepares youngsters for life by teaching them how to be community leaders and successful entrepreneurs through extracurricular activities such as Lemonade Day.

The Texans were so excited about the work the nonprofit has been doing that they decided to help spread Prepared 4 Life's message and roll up their sleeves and sell lemonade.

Wide receivers Jacoby Jones and Harry Williams, Toro and the Texans Cheerleaders visited stands across Houston, joining youths in shouting, "Lemonade! Get your homemade lemonade! Small cup only 50 cents. Big cup $1!"

Lemonade prices have risen since Jones was a boy, but that didn't stop him from making a sale. In fact, the wide receiver said he enjoyed the event just as much as the children and he learned a thing or two about operating a business, namely that customer service is the key to sales.

"It's all about the smile," Jones said.

The Texans drew a large crowd at a Memorial Park stand as joggers and walkers stopped for refreshments and a chance to meet the players and cheerleaders.

Williams and Jones not only attracted customers, they helped the youngsters make signs and set up shop. Jones, who is known for his speed on the football field, also vowed to sprint after potential customers who passed by the stand. His good humor and high spirits kept the group energized during the afternoon heat.

The Texans' Memorial Park location was one of more than 10,000 lemonade stands that were set up throughout the city. The Texans started their day by visiting the Community Family Center stand on Avenue E and then worked their way across the city.

The youngsters participating in Lemonade Day said they planned to use the profits for a variety of causes, including purchasing athletic and dance team uniforms.

The Texans said they had so much fun participating in Lemonade Day that they plan to increase their involvement in the event next year.

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