Texans theme song


Well, it's finally here,

I've been waitin' all week

Just to kick this thing off

I've been rockin' away at the edge of my seat

Now I'm ready to roll

Here they come to mix things up

Bet your boots they're tough enough

Let's get ready to root for our team

All you Texans get up and scream


Its football time in Houston

Man, we're ready to play

We've got no time to lose now

It's red, white and blue today

Welcome to the greatest city of all

Houston, Texas, are you ready for some football?

It can rain, it can pour

It can snow, I don't care

I'm here till the end

The spirit of victory flowin' 'round in the air

We're gonna win

I'm so excited that we're all here

I love the sound of those hometown cheers

Men, women, girls and boys

Get on your feet

Make some noise

Repeat Chorus


Courage, Pride, Independence and Tradition, Strength

The Texans are about to march

TORO's gettin' ready to charge

Repeat Chorus

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