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Texans to play on artificial turf for rest of 2015

For the remainder of the 2015 season, the Texans will play their home games on artificial turf.

General manager Rick Smith met with the media on Friday morning at NRG Stadium and talked about the switch from the natural grass surface to the artificial one.

"Our players have always enjoyed playing on natural grass here," Smith said. "But it's our responsibility at the club level as well as the League level to protect them from risk."

The Texans are hopeful they'll find a solution to the tray system that's been used since 2002. The field in the two preseason games, as well as last Sunday's game versus Kansas City, wasn't up to the team's "historical standards". That's why the move has been made.

"We'll install an AstroTurf surface very similar to the surface that SMG has here," Smith said. "We'll use SMG officials, NFL officials, AstroTurf officials, to make sure that we install a quality field."

The Texans are in Charlotte this Sunday for a Week 2 matchup with the Panthers. Their next home game is Sunday, September 27 against Tampa Bay.


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