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Texans Top 100: Hurricane Relief Efforts

The Houston Texans Foundation has been notoriously quick to jump into action supporting - our friends and neighbors in times of need. 

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, displacing thousands of our very own neighbors. As buses carrying over 27,000 hurricane survivors arrived on our doorstep at the Astrodome, the Texans executed a record-breaking fundraising effort. 

Under the leadership of Texans president Jamey Rootes, and with the cooperation of our broadcasting partner, the Texans turned the Thursday night preseason game broadcast into a 3-hour telethon, just days after the disaster hit. 

Rootes pulled together the organization, fans, sponsors, and business partners to lend a helping hand as radio broadcasters filled the airwaves with stories of devastation and how the effects of the hurricane left our friends from New Orleans in need, encouraging fans to donate. Texans late founder, senior chairman and chief executive officer Bob McNair pledged to match every dollar raised up to $1 million, and Texans staff worked the phones late into the night collecting those very donations. By the end of the night, the Texans helped raised $2.7 million dollars for hurricane relief, launching our "Texans Care" motto, which is now the banner under which all of the Houston Texans foundation and community relations programs live.

After Hurricane Katrina, disaster response become an integral part of the Houston Texans Foundation. Only weeks later, Hurricane Rita hit Houston and the Texans made a $50,000 donation to victims. In 2008, when Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast, the "Texans helping Texans" campaign was created and launched, raising $2.5 million for recovery efforts.

The Texans have supported recovery efforts far and wide, including the fertilizer plant disaster in West, Texas, the tragedy in Sandy Hook and the 2016 flooding in Houston - always finding ways to show that Texans Care, whether it's a fundraising effort or busing the entire Texans team to a shelter to serve lunch and positivity to victims.

In 2017, one of the worst natural disasters in American history hit Houston in the form of Hurricane Harvey. The storm damaged thousands of homes and ultimately caused massive flooding. Like clockwork, the Texans came together to help. An outpour of support, led by Texans defensive end, J. J. Watt, alongside the Houston Texans, NFL, and fellow NFL teams, raised more than $50 million for hurricane relief efforts. Days after the storm, Texans players and Lady Texans went into action distributing emergency supplies, visiting Houstonians staying at NRG Center shelter, collecting and delivering school supplies, and lifting spirits across town.

The Houston Texans Foundation has been notoriously quick to jump into action supporting - our friends and neighbors - and own community - in times of need. In the most difficult of times, like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ike, and most recently, Hurricane Harvey, the Houston Texans Foundation has raised contributions, provided volunteers and did its best to spread positivity.

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