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Texans wrap mini-camp


And then there were none: As expected Gary Kubiak cancelled Wednesday's scheduled practice and ended Houston's lone mini-camp of the 2007 offseason after just two days.

"It's been a good month," Kubiak said. "We're in one piece, we're healthy. I feel very good about where we're headed and who we got doing it and I like the way we ended. We'll have some fun tomorrow and get ready to go in July."

The team will meet tomorrow, but as Kubiak indicated, they won't be playing football.

"Just go bowling," he said of Wednesday's plan. "We'll go down the street and bowl a little bit. It'll be offense, defense and coaches. The coaches actually won last year so we'll see what happens this year."

Before bowling, there will be a team lift, but Kris Brown saved his teammates from a cardio workout in the sun by nailing a field goal at the conclusion of practice.

"Well they have to lift tomorrow and they were going to run at 9:30 (a.m) if he missed," Kubiak said. "But he made it so they got to lift, but they don't have to run thanks to Kris and that crooked goal post down there."

Even if Brown had missed, the coach might have given his team a reprieve from the Houston heat Wednesday judging by his thoughts about the last month of work.

"I told them this morning that I feel good about where we're at. They're ready to go and we could go to camp tomorrow," Kubiak said.

"I think it's because of the leadership on the football team right now. It's a positive thing, but we have a period now where we have some time away from each other as coaches and players. They have to have a lot of discipline right now and come back where we are and not go backward. There's a lot of pressure on them to maintain that for when we head into camp."

Green in great shape: It's been evident to those at practice over the past month that Ahman Green has clearly rebounded from a season-ending knee injury in 2005.

Green has looked so good at times it has left some to wonder aloud how good Green looked in practice before the injury. Tuesday, there was an indication from Kubiak that the Texans may have gotten more than what they bargained for when they signed Green as a free agent in March.

"Mike (Sherman)'s told me a couple of times, 'you know he looks as good as I've ever seen him look,' and Mike had him for a long time so that's very positive," Kubiak said.

The key now is keeping Green healthy for Sept. 9 when the Chiefs invade Reliant Stadium. Kubiak doesn't think that should be a problem.

"I think the key is that we have enough guys out here to where we don't have to beat him up," he said. "I think that's going to be key, to be fresh for that 25 or so carries he gets on Sunday because he ought to be fresh because we have plenty of guys to help him out."

More praise for Schaub: With OTA's and mini-camp behind him, Matt Schaub continues to collect praise from coaches and teammates.

"I've been impressed with the way he handles himself," Kubiak said Tuesday. "That's a lot to handle. You go and make a trade like that for a kid and the pressure to come in here and take over this football team sort of speak, but he's handled himself tremendously this offseason.

"He's been a great worker, very confident kid about his opportunity and what he's fixin' to go take on so I like how far he's come and he's got the team's respect and that's what it's all about."

Count Andre Johnson among the teammates who have earned Schaub's respect. He spoke to the media Tuesday and said that there was an adjustment to make with Schaub throwing the pigskin and whether he knew it or not, Johnson may have taken a stab at the Texans old No. 8 in the process.

"When you look at, the differences that I see is that with David (Carr) you had to wait on the ball a little bit more," Johnson said. "With Matt, he's pretty decisive with what he's doing. He's going to get back in his drop and let the ball go. When you're in your rout, you don't have to wait on the ball or anything like that."

Since Johnson led the NFL in receptions a year ago, one can't help but wonder what he might be capable of this season. However, Johnson believes the entire offense will benefit from Schaub's quick decision making.

"I think it just helps the offense as a whole a lot, not just me. It was something you had to get use to when he first got here, but we've gotten use to it."

Still looking: One position that the Texans will continue to look to add depth to is wide receiver. Kubiak said Tuesday that he likes the players he has to play with Johnson, but he wouldn't mind finding another one to add to the mix.

"It's a concern of mine because we're so young after Andre," Kubiak said. "As I told you all before, we're going to find out if we have a couple of young players that are going to step up and be big time pros.

"I'm going to give them the opportunity to do that. I like the group. I like the way they work and what they stand for and I think as a group they will be a nice compliment to Andre."

Keenan McCardell remains unsigned and Kubiak said Tuesday that the veteran receiver remains a possibility, but that won't keep the Texans from looking elsewhere for help while waiting for word from McCardell.

"We'll continue to look around," Kubiak said. "We're going to bring in another receiver to camp whether that comes from (NFL Europa) or a veteran whoever, but I think we need to continue to look around.

"The door's still open to him, there's no hurry right now and I think in his position and in his career, there would be no hurry. That's the conversation we had so we'll see. I don't see it as a panic situation right now."

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